Enthusiast’s Club 2016 campaign to help make caregiving easier

Each year, Cedar Community Foundation works with Cedar Community caregivers to identify a ‘wish list’ item they’d like donors to help fulfill using the annual Enthusiast’s Club appeal. Past selections residents and patients are now able to enjoy thanks to these donors include:

  • 2007 – Health and rehab center garden room
  • 2008 – It’s Never Too Late® interactive computer system
  • 2009 – INR Ratio blood coagulation rate monitor
  • 2010 – It’s Never Too Late® interactive computer (II)
  • 2011 – Rehab equipment
  • 2012 – VitaStat BP monitors / Surrey vehicle
  • 2013 – Transport bus
  • 2014 – Cottages Courtyard
  • 2015 – Bladder scanners

There’s a lot of excitement about this year’s campaign, which will help bring two vital pieces of equipment into the hands of our caregivers:

  • The Accuvein Illuminator is a neat infrared device that shows clearly where to find a patient’s vein for blood draws or IVs. Finding an older adult’s or bariatric patient’s vein can be particularly challenging, but anyone who has experienced multiple needle sticks can appreciate that the device when piloted helped our caregivers achieve a 95 percent success rate on the first stick. Nationwide studies show the Accuvein can improve the likelihood of a successful first attempt by 350 percent.
  • The Litegait gait training device is at the top of our therapy department’s Wish List because it helps patients regain mobility sooner. Traditionally, a patient recovering from a lower extremity injury or medical condition can receive therapy one of two ways: On a mat or bed, or after they’re nearly weight-bearing again. The Litegait closes the gap by suspending the patient safely over a treadmill or ground for enhanced therapy sessions. One therapist can work it, and free up his or her hands to help balance and guide the patient.
Litegait: The Litegait helps rehab patients get back on their feet sooner, safely.

Our Enthusiast’s Club campaign is underway to help raise funds for these important tools. Can you help? Please contact Amy Johnson at 262.338.2819 or DONATE ONLINE TODAY!