For over 60 years, Cedar Community has been providing quality of life for our residents. Thanks to our Partners In Caring® fundraising campaign, we are able to continue to maintain our high standards and level of care, creating a true quality of life for our residents, especially those in skilled nursing. Shortfalls between the cost of providing care in skilled nursing care and Medicaid reimbursements continue to cost Cedar Community millions of dollars every year. The Cedar Community Foundation contributes funds each fiscal year to help offset these shortfalls. Your donations make that possible!

“We have been truly blessed throughout our lives and we believe in sharing that with others,” said Howard and Mary Ann Kusler, Cedar Community Village residents. The Kuslers’ charity goes way back to when Cedar Community was Rev. Riesch’s, Cedar Community’s first CEO, vision. Howard was a United Church of Christ pastor retiring in 2003 after 56 years of ministry. Rev. Riesch visited several churches fostering support and fundraising efforts of several south Wisconsin Synod parishes to build the nursing home. Howard served on Cedar Community’s first board of directors and watched first-hand the construction. Mary Ann was also one of the original members of the Women’s Working Auxiliary who volunteered their time at the nursing home. “It was a very homelike atmosphere and you knew so many of the residents because they were from the community and members of the church,” said Mary Ann.

Although Howard was only in his 30s when he served on the board, he knew Cedar Community would be a good choice if he ever needed a nursing home because he considered it top notch. When it was time to retire, Howard and Mary Ann started researching several retirement communities across the country and narrowed their selection to a Village home at Cedar Community. “We didn’t find any place around the country that could offer what Cedar Community does. The quality of care is amazing,” said Howard and Mary Ann. Howard truly feels safe at Cedar Community and knows he can leave his home and winter in Florida and everything will be taken care of including the plowing of his driveway. Mary Ann knows that if she needs anything it is just a phone call away. “Our girls were so glad we made the decision and did the downsizing ourselves and that additional health care is available if we need it.”

The Kuslers’ generosity helped build Cedar Community and it continues to help purchase much needed equipment that provides better resident outcomes. When there is a need for something, several times, the Kuslers have stepped up to help out. Mary Ann was fortunate to be able to experience first-hand a piece of equipment that she helped purchase when she was in Cedar Community’s rehabilitation facility after a knee replacement. The Kuslers have also generously donated to Partners In Caring® from the very beginning. Their donations help provide care to those in the nursing home and help fill the gap from government assistance programs. “People are living longer and their funds are running out,” said Howard. Back in the late 70s when the nursing home was built people were running out of money. Rev. Riesch went to the United Church of Christ churches to solicit funds, asking each pastor for a list of names from each church of those who would be willing to give. Howard helped identify financial leaders of the church who could help. One of the members is still contributing to Cedar Community today at 94 years young. “Cedar Community provides a great service to a lot of people to provide the best care. We have a lot to be thankful for and continue to help those in need,” said the Kuslers.


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